** Important Information **

Pebble Beach Club Qualifier 

Entry £5 per person 

26 Competing Pairs gets 1 direct entry into a Regional Final. 

In the event you have less than 26 the following conditions apply:

13-25 Pairs Entered in Club Qualifier - 1 Knockout Round

8-12 Pairs Entered in Club Qualifier - 2 Knockout Rounds 

1. Conditions of Play

(i) The PEBBLE BEACH PAIRS is a  PAIRS TEAM  competition open to all Golf Clubs in Great Britain that are affiliated to their relevant National or County Golf Union

(ii) Each eligible club is invited to run qualifiers into the PEBBLE BEACH PAIRS

Each team is a side and comprises of TWO qualifying amateurs.

(iii) The PEBBLE BEACH PAIRS competition. If a player fails to compete from a team it is permissible that a single player can qualify on his own.

If the single player qualifies he must play the regional final with his original partner.

(iv) The maximum handicap for competitors in THE PEBBLE BEACH PAIRS is 24 for Men.

Amateurs with higher handicaps may enter and are required to play off a maximum of 24 at the Regional Final and Grand Final. At the Regional Final ,Tour Final and Grand Final a 75% handicap allowance will be granted                                                   

2. Club Qualifying Competition


(ii) Any 18-hole competition played at Club’s own course can be designated as THE PEBBLE BEACH PAIRS Club Qualifying Round.

(iii) Medal or Stableford events may be used for the Club Qualifying Round.

(iv) Once the Club Qualifying Round has been PLAYED, the Club must complete the CLUB RESULTS FORM - Click here... .This must be completed by close of entry for each Regional Final (see schedule for dates).

(v) Each amateur competitor is required to pay an entry fee of £5 per Person

(vi) The amateurs who return the best nett score or points total in the Club Qualifying Round qualifies to represent the Club at the respective Regional Final.

(vii) In the event of a qualifying pair from the Club Qualifying Round being unable to compete in the Regional Final for any reason, the runners-up in the Club Qualifying Round may be substituted. Should the runners-up be unable to play, the club must work down the results sheet in order from third position onwards, until a substitute pair are determined.

(viii) Please pay the total of the amateur entry fees, up to a maximum £260 per club qualifier. Then complete the Regional Final Entry form prior to the closing date for the Club’s nominated Regional Final. Payment can be made online, via credit/debit card (excluding Amex) or alternatively by cheque made payable To MATCHPLAY GOLF

(ix) If the Club Qualifying Round is abandoned or cancelled please email


5. General Rules

The Championship will be run in accordance with the Regulations of the R&A Rules of Golf of R&A Rules Ltd,  Local Rules and Conditions of Competition and the additional local rules of each host venue as approved by the Tournament Director.

Note 3: Entrants must satisfy the above criteria and eligibility conditions throughout all stages of the competition.

6. Eligibility for Amateurs

(i) The PEBBLE BEACH PAIRS is open to all amateur golfers aged 16 or over at the date of the Club Qualifying Round. 

(ii) The qualifying amateur must have a current competition CONGU handicap, or equivalent, throughout all stages of the competition. A handicap certificate must be presented at the Regional Finals and the Grand Final.

(iii) If an amateur’s handicap is suspended or becomes a non-competition handicap at any stage of the competition the amateur is no longer eligible to compete, which in the case of an amateur in a team qualified for the Grand Final, then 4 (iv) applies.

(iv) If an amateur wishes to use a buggy during the Regional Final,Tour Final they must make a request in writing to the Tournament Director outlining their reason. MATCHPLAY GOLF will require a medical note in order for the use of a buggy.

8. Club Entry Fee and Closing Dates 

Registration is Free and the Competition Rolls Over all you have to do is organise your Club Qualifier, Choose your Regional Final Venue and Register. Payments made by cheque can be made payable to MATCHPLAY GOLF or online at

MATCHPLAY GOLF reserves the right to change or amend the Conditions of Entry.

All disputes will be decided by MATCHPLAY GOLF whose decision will be final. MATCHPLAY GOLF disclaims all responsibility for forms which are lost, damaged in the post or for forms which arrive after the closing date.

9. Privacy

As a participant in the PEBBLE BEACH PAIRS the sponsors Owen Daniels Consultancy would like to contact you from time to time to conduct market research on the tournament. Your personal data will not be shared with any third parties. Please indicate your contact preference on the tournament entry form.

Any market research will be carried out in accordance with the GDPR Code of Conduct.

Regional Final

The Competition

1. The Competition is played under The Rules of Golf as laid down by The R&A Competitors must be 16 years old and  Players entering the competition under 18 yrs of age must be chaperoned at all stages of competition by a responsible adult.

2. Each competitor must have an ACTIVE CONGU handicap issued by an affiliated golf club and have played in 3 club competitions during the previous calendar Year. Handicaps must remain ACTIVE from the date of entry and throughout involvement in the competition. Current handicap certificates must be taken to each event. If a competitor does not provide a handicap certificate on the day of the event he/she must provide proof of handicap to the Tournament director within 48 hours of completion of the event.

3. Pebble Beach Pairs is a pairs better ball competition maximum shot allowance of 24 for Men with a 75% handicap difference being granted.

4. In order to preserve the integrity of the Competition MATCHPLAYGOLF the organisers’ reserve the right to disqualify a player or players from the tournament in the event that the tournament committee determines, in its absolute discretion, that a player’s handicap is inaccurate when compared with their actual playing ability. The tournament committee will determine whether a player’s handicap is inaccurate by taking into consideration any or all of the following:

Handicap history review

1. Previous tournament/competition results;

2. Current sanctions from any other national golf tournaments or from any County or National golf administrative bodies; Judgement on the relevance of completed competitions within the past 12 months.

3. Complaints which are in the public domain and any other handicap inconsistencies that are brought to our attention.

Regional Final


1. Regional Finals play will be from the Competition Tee on the day - this is subject to change at the organiser's discretion.

2. No refunds will be given for club qualifying .Direct Entry refunds. All cancellations made less than 7 days before and event NO REFUNDS but can be transfered to other players who wish to compete in your place. All cancellations made prior to this can be transfered to another Event or other Players who wish to compete in your place.

3. Playoffs ,Tied Scores. In the case of a tie the result will be decided in a playoff . If playing conditions are not suitable then a card playoff will be used.Taking into account the last nine holes on the scorecard. If there is still a tie the result will be decided on the last 6, 3, 2, 1 hole/s.

4. Any dispute unable to be resolved by the players should be raised by email to the Tournament Director at  The Tournament Director's decision on any issue will be final. 

5. Any player found to not be complying with the rules laid down by MATCHPLAYGOLF can at the tournaments committee’s discretion be disqualified from the competition.

6. The use of any GPS, rangefinders and stroke savers is permitted providing the device measures distance only.

7. Players playing in the Pebble Beach Pairs can make use of a caddie.

8. The general use of golf buggies is permitted at qualifying events but not at the Regional Finals or Tour Final.

9. Clubs may nominate the Regional Final in which they wish to participate.

10. Entry is limited to 64 teams per Regional Final and will be accepted on a First Come First Served Basis adjustments to field sizes and entries are at the discretion of MATCHPLAY GOLF and can be amended at any time  

11. The Regional Finals are decided over 18 holes unless playing conditions require the number of holes to be reduced as per MATCHPLAY GOLF Tournament Regulations.

13. Information for competitors and the draw for starting times will be sent via email to the competing players approximately two weeks prior to the Regional Finals. They will also be available from

**1 Pair will qualify per 64 Regional Final entries**

15. MATCHPLAY GOLF will provide flights, accommodation and transfers for all competitors competing in the Grand Final.

Note: All competitors competing in the Grand Final will be expected to make and pay for their own travel arrangements to the departure point.

16. All competitors competing in the Grand Final must attend all official functions 

17. In the event that Regional final Winners cannot make the Tour Final final dates they will be offered places at the next Tour Final , if they cannot make the next final they will be disqualified from the competition.

Pebble Beach Grand Final

1. It is each competitor's responsibility to make sure they have valid and correct insurances in place MATCHPLAY GOLF do not accept liability for any injury, damage or death caused at any stage of the Pebble Beach Pairs Competition.

2. Players qualifying for the Final will need to hold a valid passport and fill out the correct paperwork ie ESTAS to enter the USA

3. The following expenses will be paid for by Matchplay Golf for competitors to play in the PEBBLE BEACH GRAND FINAL :

Return Flights from the UK to the USA

Five nights accommodation room only

Transfers in the USA

Three rounds of competition golf.

4. Additional rounds of golf and non PEBBLE BEACH PAIRS GRAND FINAL transportation costs are to be met by each individual

5. Players qualifying for the PEBBLE BEACH PAIRS GRAND FINAL are responsible for making their own way to and from the UK departure airport.

6. By entering the Pebble Beach Pairs you agree that you may be included on both text and images on any advertising, marketing or promotional information set out by MATCHPLAY GOLF

7. Any player qualifying to the Pebble Beach Finals will need to have appropriate travel insurance; MATCHPLAY GOLF will not be liable for any loss, injury or illness.

MATCHPLAY GOLF  reserve the right to change the regional venues and Grand final venue without prior or written notice.

MATCHPLAY GOLF reserve the right to amend or cancel any aspect of the competition should there be cause to do so.

8. The 2019/20 Grand Final of THE PEBBLE BEACH PAIRS will be a 54-hole PAIRS STABLEFORD event with 18 holes to be played each day , unless playing conditions require this to be altered as per MATCHPLAY GOLF Tournament Regulations.

In the event of a tie for first place in the Grand Final, normal countback rules will apply, the winning team of which will be champions. Card play-off, if applicable, will operate as follows: lowest last 36,18, 9.

If a tie still remains A DRAW WILL BE DECLARED

In the event that Regional final Winners cannot make the final dates they will be offered places at the next final if they cannot make the next final they will be disqualified from the competition.

Terms and Conditions



Competition rules subject to MATCHPLAY GOLF terms and conditions - for information contact:-

Liam Davies:

Prize includes:-

Return economy flights for the winning pairs - London to San Francisco

Private transfers to and from the airport to Pebble Beach Golf Resort .

5 Nights at Pebble Beach based upon 2 sharing  - (extra nights available at an additional cost).

3 rounds of Golf including one round on the Pebble Beach Golf Links